What is Curves & Claws?

Curves & Claws is so much more than it’s name suggests!  

A young performer, new to the art of burlesque, saw untapped potential all around her. She saw people, performers & art styles who never saw the lights of a stage due to their out of the box creativity. They couldn’t be packaged into a neat, comfortable box so they were ignored.
She wanted to show the world all the beauty she could see around her. Burlesque dancers, gracefully waltzing the stage regardless of size, shape or colour, circus and sideshow performers of all kinds, Drag kings and Queens who felt safe to strut their stuff no matter their sexuality or gender and fetish performs who never had a chance to show their art before! 

Conceived from multiple passions Curves & Claws is a brand of acceptance. Reaching out to provide performers of all body types, races, sexes, orientations and types of performance, Curves & Claws is determined to spread it’s message of acceptance no matter the flavour.

Here at Curves & Claws the only requirement we have of our performs is talent, nothing else matters. After 2 years of sold out shows and with many more on the way, Curves & Claws is proud to offer performs and acts of all flavours for hens parties, birthdays, corporate functions, nightclubs and any event you can think of!

We can provide that special something to take your event to the next level, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy.
Come along to our next open public ‘Burlesque and Variety’ show to see a tasting plate of the talent on offer – we are ready to blow your mind!