Who are the Claws?

Miss Kitty Obsidian – Founding Producer/Owner

Miss Obsidian is a curvy, nerdy and dirty burlesque dame. Starting Curves & Claws in May 2015 she exploded into the burlesque scene like a firecracker. Originally coming from a background of martial arts, she spent 8 years in multiple disciplines and competed and won titles around Australia and internationally. Turning from Martial arts to dance Miss Obsidian spent 2 years learning modern jive before ¬†she fell in love with the extremely creative nature of burlesque. A woman of many passions, burlesque became a way to showcase her many passions. From her fierce support of LGTBQ and kink awareness/acceptance communities to her promotion of body acceptance (all bodies are beautiful!) Miss Kitty drew influences on all to showcase the wonders of performance art. It wasn’t long before she turned her highly disciplined and detail oriented mind to producing, what better way to mesh her passions together after all?

Taking her love for burlesque, martial arts, fetish and all things alternative, Miss Kitty Obsidian strives to produce the best professional shows on the market. Full of beautiful and glamorous burlesque babes, breathtaking circus and sideshow stars, fantastic fetish and shibari felines and more variety acts then you can poke a stick at, Curves & Claws is not to be missed!

Miss Kitty Obsidian

Lady Severine Sinful – Brisbane Production Manager and MC

A lady of many passions, silver tongue and salacious curves, Lady Severine is all that is sinful in a delightful package. A powerhouse of talent Lady Severine has spent 14 years as a stage entertainer, actress, singer and theatrical director. Born in Hong Kong she travelled the globe before stopping to shake things up in England. Lady Severine Sinful spent 10 years producing and promoting wondrous Burlesque and fetish events such as Guilty Pleasures, Lady Severine’s Dungeon, Rock n Rolla cabaret, House of Sin – London, House of Sin – Hastings and BURLESK! a 3 year reign of bimonthly shows. If that wasn’t enough, she has 8 years of MC and cabaret singing and 6 years of burlesque performance under her belt. There is nothing this succubus of curves cannot do!

Now arrived on the sunny shores of Queensland Australia, Lady Severine Sinful is ready and raring to shake things up once again. The MC and production assistent of Curves & Claws brisbane, she embodies all that is Curves & Claws. A banging body, curves for miles, passion for Burlesque, entertainment, body acceptance, kink/fetish acceptance, performance, LGBTQ and a love of supporting our local, national and international Burlesque and theater scene.

Lady Severine Sinful